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Glary Tracks Eraser

Free Download Glary Tracks Eraser latest standalone offline installer for Windows. It makes it easy to delete all activity traces, including browser history and cookies, to protect your identity and prevent tracking.

Glary Tracks Eraser Overview

Relying on a robust scanning engine, Glary Tracks Eraser can analyze important areas of your computer to detect unnecessary files, displaying all its findings in an organized manner. It retrieves recently accessed documents, starts menu items, a list of performed searches that Windows remembers, items stored in the clipboard, temporary files, and Recycle Bin content. With just a click, you can get rid of these items. Aside from junk files created in Windows, Glary Tracks Eraser can also search for unneeded files created by popular Internet browsers. Thus, you can use it to remove browsing history, cookies, fill-in form information, Index.dat, and temporary Internet files. Its functionality is not limited to Windows and browsers only. It is compatible with several applications, such as Windows Media Player, Flash Player, Wordpad, RegEdit, and Windows Defender, enabling you to easily erase playback, document, and action logs.

Glary Tracks Eraser full version free download


  • The Securely Erasing feature removes junk files from your hard disk without possibly recovering them.
  • Besides support for the most popular browsers on the Internet, it is also compatible with numerous other applications, such as FlashGet, Flash Player, and QuickTime.
  • After the clean-up, you can view the clean-up history information at a glance.

Discover the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of Glary Tracks Eraser

  1. Secure Erasure: Glary Tracks Eraser can securely erase browsing history, cookies, cache, and other traces from various web browsers, ensuring that your online activities remain private.
  2. File Shredder: The software includes a file shredder that can permanently delete files and folders, making them unrecoverable by data recovery software.
  3. Registry Cleaner: Glary Tracks Eraser can also clean up your Windows registry, removing obsolete and invalid entries that can slow down your computer and cause stability issues.
  4. Program Manager: It includes a program manager that lets you easily uninstall software from your computer, including stubborn programs that won’t uninstall through the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs feature.
  5. Customization Options: Glary Tracks Eraser offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to choose which items to erase and which to keep. You can also schedule automatic scans and cleanings for convenience.
  6. Browser Plugin Support: It supports cleaning plugins for various web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, allowing you to clean up your browser’s data with just a few clicks.

Glary Tracks Eraser full setup free download

Unlocking the Potential: Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Tracks Eraser is a comprehensive privacy protection tool that offers several key features. One of its standout features is Securely Erasing, which ensures that junk files removed from your hard disk cannot be recovered. This feature is crucial for maintaining your privacy and security by preventing unauthorized access to your deleted files. Additionally, Glary Tracks Eraser supports a wide range of browsers, including popular ones like Chrome and Firefox, as well as other applications such as FlashGet, Flash Player, and QuickTime. This broad compatibility ensures that you can keep your tracks clean across various platforms and applications. Furthermore, after performing a clean-up, you can easily view the clean-up history information, allowing you to monitor and manage your privacy settings effectively. Overall, Glary Tracks Eraser is a powerful tool for protecting your privacy and maintaining the performance of your system.

Technical Details

Software Name: Glary Tracks Eraser for windows
Software File Name: Glary-Tracks-Eraser-
Software Version: v6.0.1.8
Size of File: 12 MB
Creators: Glarysoft
Language: English
Mode of Operation: Offline (Once installed, you may use it without an internet connection.)

System Specifications and Technical Information

  • Required is a multicore CPU with 64-bit capability.
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Enables Windows 10 Creator Edition support
  • 4 GB of free hard disc space is needed for installation; flash storage devices cannot be installed on removable media.
  • 1024 x 768 screen (1280 x 800 preferred)
  • Preferable: GPU card advised by Adobe for GPU-accelerated performance

What’s new Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Tracks Eraser, renowned for its efficient privacy protection features, has recently undergone a significant update, enhancing its functionality and user experience. The latest version introduces several new features, including advanced scanning algorithms that detect and remove a wider range of digital footprints left behind by browsing activities. Additionally, the new version boasts improved compatibility with the latest browsers and applications, ensuring thorough cleaning across various platforms. With a sleeker interface and faster performance, Glary Tracks Eraser continues to be a top choice for users seeking reliable and comprehensive privacy protection.

Download Glary Tracks Eraser Latest Version Free

To get the Glary Tracks Eraser free setup, click the icon below. Glary Tracks Eraser for Windows is fully installed offline, and it works flawlessly with both x86 and x64 architectures.
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