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7-Zip 24.00

Free Download 7-Zip offline installer for Windows PC. It is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. Usually, 7Zip compresses to 7z format 30-70% better than to zip format. High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression.

7-Zip Overview

7-Zip, like WinZip, creates a container called an archive that holds the files to be protected. That archive can be encrypted and protected with a password. 7Zip is free software that creates Zip files that can open with WinZip, WinRAR, or similar programs. Compression ratio results are very dependent upon the data used for the tests. Usually, 7Zip compresses to 7z format 30-70% better than to zip format. And 7Zip compresses to zip format 2-10% better than most other zip-compatible programs. You can use the program 7-Zip (AKA 7Zip) in three ways: from its graphical user interface (most popular), a command-line interface, or as a shell integration. The default 7z file format offers one of the highest compression ratios (using LZMA and LZMA2 – Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm, an algorithm used for lossless data compression); that’s why this app is probably the most popular free file archiver.

7-Zip full version free download


  • High compression ratio in 7z format
  • Highest Supported formats
  • Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats
  • Self-extracting capability for 7z format
  • Integration with Windows Shell
  • Powerful File Manager
  • Powerful command line version
  • Plugin for FAR Manager
  • Localization for 87 languages

Discover the Cutting-Edge Capabilities of 7-Zip

  1. High Compression Ratio:

    • 7-Zip is known for its high compression ratio, which means it can create compressed files that are smaller in size compared to other compression tools.
  2. Support for Multiple Compression Formats:

    • 7-Zip can handle a variety of compression formats, including its native 7z format, as well as ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, and TAR.
  3. Strong Encryption:

    • 7-Zip supports strong AES-256 encryption to secure your compressed files and protect them with a password.
  4. Self-Extracting Archives:

    • 7-Zip allows you to create self-extracting archives, which means that recipients can decompress the files without needing to have 7-Zip or any other compression software installed.
  5. Integration with Windows Explorer:

    • 7-Zip integrates seamlessly with the Windows Explorer context menu, making it easy to compress and decompress files and folders directly from the file manager.
  6. Command-Line Interface:

    • For advanced users and automation purposes, 7-Zip provides a command-line interface that allows you to perform compression and decompression operations using scripts or batch files.
  7. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

    • While 7-Zip has its roots in Windows, there are unofficial versions and third-party tools that allow users to run 7-Zip on Linux and other operating systems.
  8. Multi-threading Support:

    • 7-Zip takes advantage of multi-core processors, providing improved performance during compression and decompression processes.
  9. Open Source and Free:

    • 7-Zip is open-source software released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), making it freely available for personal and commercial use.
  10. Customizable Compression Settings:

    • Users can adjust various compression settings, such as dictionary size and word size, to optimize compression for specific types of files.

7-Zip full setup free download

Unlocking the Potential: 7-Zip

7-Zip, a widely acclaimed file archiver, boasts a multitude of features that make it a preferred choice for compression and decompression tasks. One of its standout attributes is the high compression ratio achieved, particularly in the 7z format, which allows users to significantly reduce file sizes without compromising on quality. Notably, 7-Zip supports an extensive range of file formats, making it highly versatile and adaptable to various user needs. Security is paramount, as evidenced by the robust AES-256 encryption available in both 7z and ZIP formats, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of archived data. The software further enhances user convenience with its self-extracting capability for 7z format files, streamlining the extraction process without the need for a dedicated decompression tool. Integration with the Windows Shell facilitates seamless interaction, enabling users to compress and decompress files directly from the context menu. Beyond its user-friendly interface, 7-Zip offers a powerful file manager, granting users greater control over their archives. For advanced users, the command line version provides a robust set of functionalities for scripting and automation. Additionally, the inclusion of a plugin for FAR Manager extends compatibility and functionality. Language support is extensive, with localization available for a remarkable 87 languages, making 7-Zip accessible and user-friendly on a global scale. With its comprehensive feature set, 7-Zip stands as a reliable and efficient solution for file compression and archiving needs.

Technical Details

Software Name: 7-Zip for windows
Software File Name: 7-Zip-24.00.rar
Software Version: 24.00
Size of File: 1.6 MB
Creators: 7-Zip
Language: English
Mode of Operation: Offline (Once installed, you may use it without an internet connection.)

System Specifications and Technical Information

  • Required is a multicore CPU with 64-bit capability.
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Enables Windows 10 Creator Edition support
  • 4 GB of free hard disc space is needed for installation; flash storage devices cannot be installed on removable media.
  • 1024 x 768 screen (1280 x 800 preferred)
  • Preferable: GPU card advised by Adobe for GPU-accelerated performance

What’s new 7-Zip

In the latest iteration of 7-Zip, the venerable file compression utility has once again raised the bar for efficiency and versatility. What sets the new version apart is its enhanced performance, seamlessly combining rapid compression speeds with an even more robust compression ratio. Users can now experience faster file processing without compromising on the compression quality, making 7-Zip a go-to tool for handling large datasets and archives. Moreover, the user interface has undergone a thoughtful redesign, offering a more intuitive and streamlined experience. The incorporation of advanced encryption algorithms ensures that your compressed files remain secure, providing peace of mind in an era where data privacy is paramount. With support for an expanded array of file formats and an updated context menu integration, 7-Zip continues to be at the forefront of file compression technology, embodying a perfect harmony of speed, efficiency, and user-friendly design. Whether you are a casual user or a seasoned IT professional, the latest version of 7-Zip is a testament to its commitment to innovation and remains an indispensable tool for managing your digital world.

Download 7-Zip Latest Version Free

To get the 7-Zip free setup, click the icon below. 7-Zip for Windows is fully installed offline, and it works flawlessly with both x86 and x64 architectures.
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